Is Archery a Dangerous Sport ?

Contrary to popular belief surrounding ‘projectile’ based sports, organised archery is officially one of the safest sports practiced by human beings.  This is because there are simple but fundamental rules followed by all club archers regarding personal conduct, minimum standard of knowledge, setting up targets and shooting environments.

All active club archers are required to be registered with Archery GB, the UK archery governing body which ensures a minimum level of knowledge, skill and competence not only in the use of equipment, but in ensuring the safety of others.  Rules include never pointing a bow (loaded or otherwise) at any living being or animals, only draw a loaded bow at the shooting line towards a target as well as taking personal responsibility for not using damaged or poorly maintained bows and arrows.  All lost arrows must be retrieved at the end of a shooting session to prevent injury through negligence.

You are at greater risk of hurting yourself (and others) pulling arrows out of a target than anything else!  Visit the SafeSport Website for further information.

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